Our goal is to bring you low-priced, affordable while still powerful and functional servers to run your community on.

We include DDoS protection at no extra cost for all servers.


We aim to provide you with the most powerful servers we can to fuel your communities for the best prices.

Arma 3

Starting At£2.70


Starting At£1.50



DDoS protection is included free with any of our servers, you won't even feel it.


We only host our servers on the best hardware.


We're more than happy to help you out with your server!


I can't explain how amazing their hosting services are! I had an issue on Christmas day and they replied within minutes and it was all sorted! A really really great hosting service! 100% would recommend them to anyone!

Oscar at Trustpilot

I have been using the service for a few days now and when there is a problem the staff team have resolved it in a short space of time. I would recommend this service to anyone wanting a gaming server.

Jack Buss at Trustpilot

It might be a new rising company, but it has definitely got what it takes to take on giants like swift servers or nitrous networks, the support is not only by tickets but it also has a live chat so you can fix stuff when you need it fixed. 9.7/10 would recommend to everyone.

Hank at Trustpilot

I have gone to a lot of hosts over the year and this one is the best I have found, The support was amazing and I got a message back normally within seconds, The servers are very fast and they have US & EU Servers, I have found this server to be my top server host of 2016.

RockerOfWorlds at Trustpilot